Once in a while there comes along a new standard, a new protocol, a new paradigm that creates a breakthrough methodology that brings a new level of healing to the world.

For many years, the Atlas has been in the background as to its importance and function for the body. Medical journals and the media are now publishing new research that talks about how critical the alignment of the Atlas bone is for optimal health and vitality and that it maybe the hidden cause of many chronic pain related conditions.

It makes sense, that if the Atlas is turned, which would mean it is pressing on the spinal column (which runs through the middle of it), then that continuous pressure could lead to symptoms and conditions that cause pain and dysfunction.

As we know, our brain is like a master computer and is constantly sending messages at rapid speed throughout our body. These messages run through the Atlas via the spinal column and nervous system. So if the Atlas is turned, then the messages are being stifled and not fully delivered.

We have all read or seen the God Atlas carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. And that is literally what the Atlas is doing in our body. It carries our head, which weighs around 10 pounds, and connects it to the spinal column and to the rest of our body. And because it is turned, you can imagine how precarious and vulnerable our head and structural alignment would be and how much the body would try to compensate for the misalignment. The Atlas has a big job as it is the first bone of your cervical in your neck and is responsible for the balance of your entire body.

The discovery of Atlas Balancing, an extremely gentle technique imploring light touch, energetic work and soundcodes™ only, brings to the health profession an incredibly important technology breakthrough that opens the body to a natural guided self-healing. This alignment can also bring lasting and permanent changes in one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment. Testimonials from around the world atest to years of long term, plaguing symptoms miraculously clearing even after one session with this modality. Each person of course is different in their healing process.

The Atlas is the Gatekeeper!