Elisabeth Westermann lives in a small town in Germany. She does travel to various areas of the world sharing her  life-altering discovery. Her education, trainings and practice in holistic, natural remedies, music and new sciences have been foundational cornerstones for her birthing this new technology called “Atlas Balancing”.

She always had a passion and desire to sing and decided to pursue this desire by enrolling in a specialized training process to become a teacher. She felt very strongly that singing was an expression of the heart and soul and that allowed her a fuller expression of her inner self. After several years of study, Elisabeth began her own teaching. That is when extraordinary results of healing began happening to her students, quite unexpectedly, when they toned the sounds for learning to sing.

In 2003, Elisabeth had a very full teaching practice. What was evolving, to her surprise, was that more and more people were having healings while learning to sing from her. Even though this was quite evident, she still wasn’t paying much attention to that as she had strong doubts of how this could be happening. She did enroll and train in an atlas treatment protocol called Atlas Profilax and practiced that for around 6 years.   After sometime, she felt the Atlas Profilax system was lacking certain things and soon after, through serendipity circumstances, the blending of her voice singing “inspired sound codes” and her knowledge of the Atlas from her training, Atlas Balancing was born.

Elisabeth spent several years doing empirical research, then Atlas Balancing launched in 2012 in USA.  Ms Westermann acknowledges and is very grateful to Bhimi Cayce who was responsible for launching and establishing Atlas Balancing in the States.