Julie Pata

Julie Pata, MSW – Denver, Colorado

Phone: 303-973-8002
Cell: 720-232-1082
E-Mail: patajulie@gmail.com

Julie holds a Master’s degree in social work and has worked with children, teens and their families for the last 22 years in public education. Through her own healing journey, as well as nearly 30 years of meditation/mindfulness practice, Julie holds a deep understanding of how the energy of emotions becomes lodged in our bodies to impact our physical health, mental & emotional health, and spiritual health. Julie is known, and sought by many, for her compassionate heart, soothing presence, integrity and intuitive abilities. These attributes guide her to easily discern root causes of distress. Her invaluable intuition guided her to train in the new, groundbreaking technology, Atlas Balancing, where she became a certified Atlas Balancer. This modality is a perfect fit – a truly remarkable modality for healing body, mind and spirit!

Julie is a life long student of wisdom traditions and teaches meditation/mindfulness to adults and teens. She is trained in Therapeutic Touch, chakra balancing, EMDR, EFT and has a holistic counseling practice. Julie has been involved in the Oneness Community since 2006, is an initiated Blessing Giver and has traveled to India for the Deepening course.

It is a privilege for Julie to offer Atlas Balancing sessions throughout Colorado and she is available to travel to New Mexico and Wyoming.


“I’m really glad I decided to do the session!…Much love and gratitude to you.  Your work has really changed my life instantly!  I was getting very depressed and not looking forward to starting each day. Now my entire energy has changed and I am so excited now and just in time for summer when I’m used to hiking and getting out on the river!”                                                                          ….K.V. Taos, NM

“The Atlas Balancing was such a beautiful process and it was one of the most powerful healing modalities I have ever experienced. I feel a profound sense of peace in my body and more grounded then I have ever felt before. I feel taller, like I have more space in my body. I never thought the aches and pains in my body would ever go away and now they have. Every once in awhile I remember about the pain and then realize it is not there anymore.  My intuition is much stronger and distinct. Atlas Balancing is one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. I am grateful beyond grateful to have received this gift.”
 ….N.T  Denver, CO
“Julie just left and I feel like a lightening rod, the energy is so strong!…This is really one of the best things I have done for myself, and at the exact perfect time!! Thank you so much!!”
 ….B.T. Arvada, CO
“My body feels more relaxed than it has in a Looonnnnnggg time.  Chronic aches and pains are no longer an issue.  My neck muscles aren’t tight!!   This work is sacred and you are a blessing!!!”
 ….C.V. Denver, CO