Atlas Balancing Sessions…

Atlas Balancing Level 1
Body Balancing Level 2

To receive the complete Atlas Balancing benefits, we recommend to have both the above sessions. Body Balancing Level 2 is suggested to be received 1-3 months after the initial Atlas Balancing. Full description and benefits of both sessions are described below.



Sessions are generally around 45 min to an hour with a 20 min follow up about a week after. A certified Atlas Balancer will work with you to give you the full Atlas Balancing session 1 which can gently allow the Atlas to go back into it’s natural, original position. The integrity of the new orientation can bring results right away, a week later, even several months or years. As self-healing is unpredictable, this healthy position will keep shifting as you integrate these new codes. You will then be ready after a short time to have the Upgrade of Body Balancing Level 2, which we recommend to complete the full attunement.  In our work, we do not offer any manner of an atlas adjustment or any type of atlas manipulation.

After the your session, you might experience a variety of changes within your body. These are due to the how the nervous system is responding to the structural repositioning. Symptoms are regarded as a positive sign that healing is taking place. In order to heal, the body must go through different cycles of repair which very often express themselves in some of the following ways:

– Alleviation of Symptoms
– Tiredness or Sleepiness
– Muscle Stiffness/Soreness

You should not be concerned if the pain changes or moves to another area of the body. Symptoms may decrease immediately. Pain is a sign that the body is working, any changes can be part of the healing process.

Please remember, if you have had chronic pain or other related imbalances for some time, your body will use it’s innate wisdom to guide the healing process. However, we strongly suggest other body work that will be helpful to support this integration like massage, hot epsom salt baths, yoga, swimming, Shiatsu and after a few weeks if needed, acupuncture, acupressure, cranial sacral, etc.

When the Atlas is out of place it causes the head to tilt and turn and the entire spine follows this error, spreading confusion throughout the body’s skeletal structure. A direct symptom of this orientation can be a stiffening of the muscles. This stiffening of the muscles may cause many other painful symptoms to affect the body such as constriction of bloodflow, spinal fluid and bodily fluids which might cause the immune system to become weak and sluggish. The body instinctively tries to straighten the head at the same time keeping the head over the feet (center of gravity). And this further can cause stress throughout the spine, the shoulders, the pelvis, the hips, the knees, and the ankles.

Irene could barely tilt her head back the stiffness was so bad

Irene could barely tilt her head back the stiffness was so bad

Irene immediately after her Atlas Balancing alignment

Irene immediately after her Atlas Balancing attunement

When the Atlas is out of position, the body can suffer from headaches, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, herniated disk, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, pain in the hips, knees and joints, differences in leg length and continuous pressure on the spinal column.

Please visit the Video Testimonials to hear from people who had extraordinary results after the Atlas Balancing.





What effects might be experienced…

On the physical body
After the session is completed, the body system starts an unwinding process of self-healing. An integration begins wherein the centering and harmonized effects of the atlas’s newfound symmetry. As all the spinal nerves receive these sound codes, other areas and systems of the body may begin to shift.
It is advised to offer support for the body during this profound self-healing process by receiving massages, CranioSacral Therapy, shiatsu treatments, stretching, balanced nutrition, etc. Movement is especially helpful like dancing or swimming.

On the emotional and mental
As the posture can shift, old traumas may be released, limiting thought and emotional patterns may surface, release and dissolve. There could even be a positive effect on depression and mental disorders.

On the spiritual level
The atlas region is considered a very sacred place in the body, many times referred to as a gateway to expanded consciousness. With the release of blockages along the spine, the flow of LIFE FORCE energy through the spinal column can increase and more vitality and connectedness to one’s true nature maybe felt.


We suggest this session to be scheduled 1-3 months after the initial session.  In our empirical research on the body and energetic system of humans, we have come to understand that the coccyx and the xiphoid are influential in maintaining the equilibrium and stability of the physical and subtle bodies, as well as in the human psyche and is important for the overall Atlas Balancing.



The region of the coccyx has an important influence on the structural system, and, in most people, is out of balance like the Atlas. The coccyx is either tilted, turned, buckled or even broken through an accident or fall. The coccyx is the triangular bony structure located at the bottom of the spine. It is composed of three to five bony segments held in place by joints and ligaments. The majority of coccyx injuries occur in women because the female pelvis is broader and the coccyx is more exposed. A fall on the tailbone can inflame the ligaments or injure the coccyx and cause pain. Both the Atlas and Coccyx are significant for the body structure to have full integrity in functionality. This seems to be the reason why so many practitioners are in a constant discussion as to whether it is more important to start with the lower part of the body, as opposed to the upper part. We are working with both.

When the coccyx is aligned using the sound codes, there will be a stabilizing and supporting influence on the structure of the body that integrates quite naturally with the initial Atlas Balancing. There is a direct effect on the digestive organs as well as the organs of the pelvis region to be able to relax into a new position. A point of great stress for many is the lower back region. This alignment will help to relieve those pains and the back will be able to relax more profoundly.

In the energetic bodies, one will experience an easier flow of the kundalini energies. Clients might feel more grounded, more at ease and connected with themselves because the integration process of our multi-dimensional bodies will be happening more easily. This realignment, addresses the concept “as above so below” and will lead to the deeper personal connection to source energy, the pure inspiration of healing one’s being.

The coccyx alignment can be performed more than one time and differs in that way from the Atlas Balancing. The reason for that is because it is possible, that through traumas and falls of different kinds the coccyx can be thrown out of balance again. It does not have a socket like the Atlas does which fits firmly into place.

When the coccyx is repositioning itself using the “Sound Codes”, there appears to be a stabilizing and supporting influence on the structure of the body that integrates with the initial Atlas Balancing. Too, we have seen a direct effect on the digestive organs, as well as the organs of the pelvis-region to be able to relax into a new position. A point of great stress for many is the lower back-region. The sound codes are a powerful tool to direct this balancing, which promotes a stabilizing influence on the entire spinal column, due to the inter-relationship between these two structures. They affect the entire meridian system (chakras) of our body, along with the entire spinal column. This session can help to relieve chronic pains, and relax the whole back more profoundly.

In the energetic bodies, one can experience an easier flow of the kundalini or life force energies. Clients might feel more grounded, more at ease and connected within themselves, because the integration process of our multi-dimensional bodies will be happening more easily. This work, as well as the Atlas Balancing itself, can lead to a deeper personal connection to source energy, the pure inspiration of healing one’s being.

Both the Atlas and Coccyx can be displaced with trauma, such as accidents, falls, etc.

Center of the body (XYPHOID area)


The xiphoid process is the lower-most extension of the breastbone, and it is that part of our system that extends horizontally. It is a small extension protruding downward from the site where the lower ribs join the sternum. The xypoid also serves as an attachment point for the diaphragm and abdominal muscles, and serves as a barrier to protect and separate the internal organs from the integumentary system.

We know that the center of the body, the xyphoid region, is also very important for the balance of the body and energetic system. Research continues in this area; however, several years of experience shows that working with our specific “Sound Codes” for the xyphoid area and the region of thoracic 10 through 12, along with gentle touch, creates a highly energetic partnership with the coccyx. The position of the coccyx also effects the atlas regions for overall balancing and healthy functioning of the emotional, mental, physical and subtle bodies.

As we know, emotional blockages can be stored in the solar plexus area both in physical, as well as energetic imprints of past traumas. Deep releases are often experienced with the Body Balancing resulting in people feeling more connected to their own innate, unlimited power instead of being easily influenced and overpowered by other energies.

Overview of Benefits for Body Balancing

* The horizontal alignment of the body may become more balanced
* Aches and pain in this region can dissolve
* Emotional and mental programming blockages can dissolve
* Connection can open and deepen to your innate true nature
* The lower ego-structures can disintegrate
* Increased happiness, a positive approach towards life, prosperity, success and connectedness can manifest into one’s daily experience
* Experiencing the conscious unity, oneness of all life-expression, will be greatly supported
* One’s special, individual abilities and gifts are supported to unfold

Standard Fees:

• Atlas Balancing Level 1 consists of one initial session with a follow up 5-10 days later… $250
• The Coccyx/Xyphoid Body Balancing 2 is one session… $195
•Children 16 and under…$125

All testimonials throughout this website are not meant to imply that everyone who receives Atlas Balancing will have these as typical results. Each testimonial is personal to the client and has been given freely from their own direct experience. Please consult your physician before having this session given to you. Atlas Balancing does not replace medical treatment, nor does it claim to heal a person in any form. It’s sole purpose is to support the self-healing capacities of the client, physically and mentally, as well as working on the energetic levels of consciousness.