Inspired Sound Codes

Atlas Balancing is predominately based on inspired and ancient Sound codes

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Sound healing is recognized throughout the world as one of the most powerful ways to harmonize and increase vitality in one’s system. Atlas Balancing is uniquely created using mystical sound frequency codes that may have the ability to effect the spine, vertebrae, neck and other body systems when these codes are received.

Everything is a vibration of energy. Physics has proven that. Atlas Balancing is based on ancient “sound codes” that carry specific frequencies in a familiar, recognizable language into the body. These messages create an opening for one’s innate wisdom to bring the body system back into harmony and balance.

So it makes sense that specific soundwaves would be able to work on the body directly. The sound codes that we use in Atlas Balancing are specific melodies that are sung by the human voice right into the physical system of the client. They are made of vowels, consonants, intervals and rhythmic patterns that are specifically designed to work right at the point of their entry into the body. Sound can and will have a direct influence on every cell, every organ and especially on muscles, nerves and bones.

Therefore, it’s not astonishing that sounds, uttered by a human voice have a very deep impact on all levels of our being. These sound codes act as passcodes that help the body to access and remember innate healthy information. Through them, the body system is enabled to remember how to regenerate itself and release what is not working. The correct positioning or functioning will come about naturally, once this information has been decoded.


The organs, the tissues, even metabolism and thought-structures, all of them have their specific light and quantum frequencies as well as informational structure.

The “sound codes” that Elisabeth rediscovered have been given to her and come from very ancient North-Indian sources. Each code is specific to certain areas of the body and are innately programmed to work at the root level of cause. When these codes are toned into the body, it is very similar to installing a new piece of software in your computer. There are new directions and new expanded ways of for the body to operate.

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Atlas Balancing ancient Sound Codes…

1) The over and under tones that are uttered by the human voice can have an influence on the fluids in the body

2) The balanced rhythms within the tones and melodies, like the “vibrato” for example, have been seen to have a powerful, calming as well as balancing and re-verbrating effect on the nerves and other tissues of the body.

3) There are specific frequencies that only come with the human voice and usually are not found in playing of instruments, even the natural musical instruments. The most important frequencies are around 3000hz, 5000hz and 8000hz as those are the ones that are able to carry a person’s voice singing over a huge orchestra. These frequencies can have a direct effect on the flow of prana or vital energy, entering the body in the region of the medulla oblongata.

4) The frequency of the prana (breath) as it is entering the body, can actually be heard from inside the body like a little noise that is similar to the sounds of crickets. The flow of this energy gets enhanced through the toning/singing of these codes.

5) The Sound Codes are designed to work directly on the different levels of our body and consciousness. That is one reason why they are so immensely effective.

Working with these particular Sound Codes has a healing effect on humans and animals on many different levels. Since this method seems to be a simple, uncomplicated one, yet highly unorthodox, these Sound codes are often times underestimated in their effects. Sound Codes, as they are toned and applied in the right way, are very powerful tools for healing in all areas of life.

These are a few of the Universal sound codes that you can sing for yourself or others. We feel sure you will enjoy the benefits.

Light from above (ah – ee – oh)

Light from the Earth (ee – ah – oh)

State of love (i – ee – oh)